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”I always thought of owning a driving school one day,” he says. Rupee after rupee, Manish scrimped and saved. In 1996, he gave Rs. 30,000 to his father for the financial help he had got over the years from his saving of Rs. 53,000. ‘I took a loan of Rs. 20,000 and bought my first car – a used Maruti 800 – for Rs. 48,000,” he remembers.

From such a humble beginning, he started a driving school that now has seven branches across Nagpur. Manish now wants to start 100 branches all over Maharashtra. “I make sure people have no complaints,” he says. He personally attends to the upkeep of his immense fleet of cars, ranging from Maruti 800 to Hyundai Accent, looking after their engine maintenance and even their polish. “I know the car engines inside out. Every nut and bolt is like my friend.”